12" Christmas Tree (single)

by Ethan Andrews

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Christopher Van Epps
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Christopher Van Epps 3...lounge-lizardy affair that doesn't mind concealing its point. Rather, it' gives you the space to make your own.

In fact, I enjoy Andrews' meandering ways in all his music because this is the crux of its appeal; he gives you enough material to enable you to make up your own value.

That kind of restraint and respect for subtlety is present in even his earliest stuff from the nineties and it's something I could never pull off.

So let's talk about The Twilight Sleep and why it is my...


Part of a 20-something-track album by a 21-year-old EA, having recently said farewell to college, rules and having any money, but still wanting stuff to sound good.


Everybody's sitting around the fire
And everybody's drinking eggnog
Everybody's with the one they love
And everybody's happy.

12-inch Christmas tree
It's gonna be a small, small Christmas

Look at him over there
He's only got one leg that works
And his ma's got a big old smile on her face
And look at the dog
He's just a dog, but at least he knows it
Because when it's a small Christmas
You've got no one to thank but yourself

12-inch Christmas tree
It's gonna be a small, small Christmas.


released July 22, 1994



all rights reserved


Ethan Andrews Belfast, Maine

Looks good in a coonskin cap, but then you can't just wear one of those all the time without having to answer a lot of questions.

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